Weekly Photo Challenge: Testing Night Photography in Bruges

Some experiments with night photography in Bruges using three different cameras.

Camera No. 1: This is a Fuji point and shoot, using its special four-shot light averaging. Not bad for a Point ‘n Shoot at night.
Bruges at NightCamera No. 2: The same scene taken with a Nikon DSLR and tripod. Al took both this shot (tripod, DSLR), and the one above (point and shoot), on two different nights. His ‘framing’ is similar for both, and really demonstrates the difference between the two cameras.
Bruges at NightCamera No. 3, the Nikon Coolpix Waterproof: This is my camera, and consequently none of my shots are framed like Al’s. However, this shot probably best shows the problems I have with low light photography using my Nikon Coolpix. It’s not bad but there is a ‘jerk’ blur on all the protruding points and chimneys that is not happening on Al’s night shots.
Bruges at NightOne thing that seems to work well on my little point and shoot is when there is a strong light source like this lamp.
A City Lamp in Bruges by Night Another thing that works well is if I shoot during the ‘blue’ hour, when the sun has gone down but there is still some light in the sky. In this case it helps to have some interesting silhouettes in the foreground.
silhouettes against a dark sky in the Bruges nightThis photo of the town fountain combines the ‘blue’ hour with a strong light source.Fountain at Night in BrugesThis image is too dark with a light source that isn’t strong enough resulting in an out-of-focus blurry shot. But I kind of like the eeriness, and the result would have been totally different if taken with a tripod.
Bruges Night Here’s a shot of the same building using Al’s Fuji four-shot averaging. The Fuji is obviously substantially better at low light shots!
Bruges at Night One last DSLR shot. None of the point ‘n shoot shots of the canals at night even come close.
Bruges at Night For more on this Weekly Photo Challenge : http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/nighttime/

19 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Testing Night Photography in Bruges

    • We were there with friends and we all went out to test our various cameras at night. I will try and get some of their shots but I suspect they didn’t turn out because they asked if they could have some of the DSLR and tripod shots.

      • What I’ve experienced with my Canon Ixus 130 point and shoot camera, is that if you want a decent result at night shooting, you’ll have to keep the camera stable on a tripod or use the surroundings (for example a bench) and use the timer to avoid camera shake. Basically just the same technique as you’d use on the DSLR.
        The small image sensor in point&shoot cameras creates a lot of noise if you set the ISO too high, and even with a high ISO you’re most likely to get blur because of camera shake..

  1. Enjoyed the photos
    Amazing how the difference with different cameras – I always get nowhere with my point and shoot with night photos. Got my new Samsung DSLR and rather than playing with it – all I had to do was point and shoot! Go figure 🙂

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  3. That was a really interesting comparison. The Fuji does a really nice job for a P&S, but the DSLR shots are wonderful. I especially liked the canal shot. And that’s why we all have sore shoulders from carrying around our big equipment! Would love to see how a mirrorless would have worked. Next series!

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