Cold Cold Beers After a Hot Thirsty Hike in Costa Rica

Cerveza bien fría, por favor.

Playa Blanca Beach

After a hot, hot hike through Santa Rosa National Park, where we stupidly hadn’t brought along enough water, nothing was more inviting than this tiny little bar at the edge of the park that promised cold, cold beer.

Santa Rosa Bar CasonaThis was the coldest beer we had in Costa Rica. ‘Pídalas bajo cero’ translates as ‘Ask for it below 0’, and it certainly was a perfect ending to a perfect (but hot and thirsty) day!
cerveza bien fría, por favor The best bar in Costa Rica from the outside. I took some video of the lads in the bar – they are beet red with wild hair and look shattered. (Rather kindly, they didn’t take any photos of me, but perhaps it was because they were too busy knocking back the icy beers.) When we first saw this bar in the middle of nowhere we thought it was a mirage!
my favourite bar in Costa Rica

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