The Significance of Yellow in Vietnam

In Vietnam yellow was historically associated with royalty.

In Hue, the former Royal Palace has yellow walls with exquisite murals of birds and nature.
yellow royal painted wall in Hue, Vietnam The roof of the Royal Palace has yellow tiles to signify royalty.
Yellow roof tiles on the Royal Palace in Hue, VietnamThe Royal Palace with its yellow walls and red doors consist of the two most significant colours in Vietnam today, the colours of its flag.
Yellow colour predominates the Royal Palace in Hue, Vietnam The Royal Tombs also have red and yellow predominating.
Minh Mang Royal Tomb in Hue, Vietnam In Hoi An, the next large town down from Hue, it seems like almost the entire town is painted yellow, signifying happiness.
Paint the Town Yellow in Hoi An Ancient Town The New Year is symbolized by a yellow flower which implies change, but as yellow is also the colour of gold, it is associated with wealth and prosperity.
Happy New Year in HCMC (Saigon)More on our December 2013 trip to Vietnam…

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