Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art for Books about Myanmar

Among my selection of books to read while I was in Myanmar were two famous novels that both featured the crush of boats at U Bein bridge in Mandalay on their covers. Here I add some of my own photos of that bridge as a potential choice for cover art.

Bridge at Mandalay Inle Lake Boats U Bein Bridge with boats Burmese Days by George Orwell.

An absolute classic must-read novel about Burma. After a huge search I found it in second hand book store in Penticton of all places! But it was available all over Burma, so it could have waited until I arrived.
Novel: George Orwell's Burmese DaysAnother novel for on the road in Burma: The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh.

The ‘palace’ in the title refers to the Royal Palace Complex in Mandalay. The story of its destruction at the hands of the aggressors of Burma forms the backbone for this historical novel about the country. 
Novel: The Glass Palace To see more on this Weekly Photo Challenge :


7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art for Books about Myanmar

  1. Your first image is really striking. We will be visiting Myanmar next year – thanks for the tips on books to read and for the mention that Orwell’s book is readily available there

    • I haven’t read 1984 in 40 years but I loved it then, and will try to get hold of it to read it again. Burmese Days is more of a time capsule of Burma at the end of the British Raj, and is absolutely fascinating, another must-read.

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