Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art Featuring Don Quixote

Whenever I travel somewhere I search out novels that are set in that particular country.

My choice for Spain was Don Quixote, primarily because our friend Eddy had been reading the book while in Costa Rica while travelling with us, and had been killing himself laughing over Quixote’s misbegotten adventures. “What an idiot! What an idiot!”

Considering that it was published in the early 1600s, it is surprisingly funny and deals with issues of people who are unable to live in the real world that surrounds them. It is also a huge book, over a thousand pages, and is probably meant for a much longer stay in Spain than the three weeks I had.
Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes At any rate, Don Quixote is very popular in Spain and also Mexico and Central America, so I decided to feature him on the cover for our next edition of a Spanish course I am working on.

This is a statue of Don Quixote that I found in Guatemala, where someone had mischievously placed some pink bougainvillea on the end of Don Q’s spear. The statue was up against a yellow wall that was almost the same colour as our books, making it very easy to cut him out for use on my cover.pink buganbilla on a statue of Don Quixote Potential cover for the third edition of our Spanish course, which still has to be written so it will be a while before this particular cover sees the light. (The current books at http://www.soleducational.com.)Don QuixoteTo see more on this weekly photo challenge :

An interesting post about the writer of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes.

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