Ferry Trip To Wang Lang Pier on the Chao Phraya River

We headed out towards the river today. In boiling Bangkok taking the ferry is one way to keep cool(ish).

At the pier they offered us an all-day tourist boat ticket for 150bht ($5), and it came with a little keepsake book showing the sights along the river.
Chao Phraya Boat Ticket & Booklet Along Bangkok's klongs on the ferry... Since we have already seen most of the major tourist sites in Bangkok, we ferried down to the Wang Lang (Siriraj) Pier that promised a fun market, yummy food and Wat Rakhang Khositaram, a wat we hadn’t seen before.

The market was mostly clothes but the wat had some interesting sights.
Mosaic Detail at a Bangkok Wat Monk at a Bangkok Wat Candles & Incense at a Bangkok Wat Buying Buddha at a Bangkok Wat Golden Buddha at a Bangkok Wat Monk's Quarters with Garland at a Bangkok Wat After touring the wat we headed into a funky little coffee shop for some iced coffee, another way to survive Bangkok’s heat.
Bangkok Coffee Shop at Wang Lang Pier Iced Coffee near  a Bangkok WatNext stop Chinatown, in search of a seafood restaurant that had been our absolute favourite six years earlier….

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