Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge on Car Details: License Plates

Once, after hiking in Canyonlands, I came out to our car to pick up our lunch and found a woman taking a picture of our license plate.

Coming from Europe, she was delighted with license plates from Canada and the States. She told me she had taken photos of about twenty different states and provinces in just that one National Park parking lot.

So now I too am starting to take photos of license plates…

European license plates are pretty standard looking. I guess they haven’t yet learned how much tax you can collect from personalized license plates.
Brussels: Reflection in a Car Window A personalized license plate from ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ in Canada, eh? As kids, we always used to ‘collect’ license plates on long boring road trips and see how many places we could collect. Did anyone else used to do that?
I AM CANADIAN,  EH? A license plate from Buenos Aires.
license plate from Buenos Aires Translation: Beijing, Three-Wheeled (‘wheeled’ being an educated guess) Vehicle.
Chinatown Cart License Plate For more on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Car Details

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