Achievement Is Finishing El Camino de Santiago

October 3, the morning after a late night…

We were out and about in the city of Santiago de Compostela, best-known for its pilgrimage known as El Camino.

There is a network of routes all over Europe that lead to the cathedral in Santiago. Scallop shells are the route markers for the El Camino pilgrimage and a few years earlier I had seen brass scallop shells embedded in the streets of Brussels.

Scallop Shells, the Sign for El Camino

Scallop shells for sale, the sign for El Camino. Almost all the pilgrims had them hanging off their backpacks.

The city of Santiago was filled with pilgrims, easily identified by their walking sticks, and by the scallop shells dangling from their backpacks. I saw this pilgrim in one of the square, struggling to take a selfie. He looked up and must have noticed me watching him for he came over and asked me if I could take in a photo of him front of the cathedral. I took a few with his phone and then one for myself.

He told me that he was from Granada in the south of Spain, and had walked that long distance by himself. What an achievement!
a Pilgrim from Granada More of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement


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