Weaving Workshop in Mandalay

Initially we had just hired Aung Aung for a trip to U Bien Bridge and the Jade Market.

But he enthused so much about the weaving workshops, the stone carvers’ workshops, the woodcarvers’ workshops, and the metalworkers’ workshops, and somehow we ended up visiting all these places plus a pagoda on our way to the Jade Market.

From the bridge our first stop was a weaving workshop. 
Weavers in Mandalay, MyanmarThis piece looked as if it were embroidered, not woven.
Weavers in Mandalay, MyanmarOne of the simpler weaving patterns. Weaver's pattern in Mandalay, Myanmar Most of the weavers were working with extremely complex multiple sheet patterns.
Weavers in Mandalay, MyanmarI can’t imagine how difficult it would be to try weaving while juggling dozens of bobbins.
Weavers in Mandalay, MyanmarThe lustrous silk threads in all their glory.
Blue threads at a weavering workshop in Mandalay, MyanmarEverywhere you go you run into threads…
Threads at a weavering workshop in Mandalay, MyanmarThe stop seemed all above board; Aung Aung didn’t appear to get a commission even though I bought a silk/cotton blouse. From there we were off to the Woodcarvers’ workshop and then to the Stone Carvers’ District: Carving Statues of Buddha in Stone.

More on our 2013 trip to Myanmar.

2 responses to “Weaving Workshop in Mandalay

    • Sorry, I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the final products in the shops. This also happened at a different weaving workshop I went to, and these were the only places we went to where photography was forbidden.

      I did buy a blouse at one place but it was a simple burgundy/black weave of silk and cotton.

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