Snorkelling in Koh Rok: Giant Clams

I was in Koh Rok snorkelling with a bunch of experienced free divers – they kept telling me the amazing creatures they could see at the lower depths.

But even though I couldn’t very far down, there were these giant clams with big purple, green or electric blue lips, quite near the surface.
big mouth clampurple lipsA free diver from Australia told me that their existence denotes a healthy ecosystem.
big mouth clamWe took a day trip to Koh Roc from Koh Lanta, an island in Thailand’s Andaman Sea.

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15 responses to “Snorkelling in Koh Rok: Giant Clams

  1. Healthy eco-systems are getting in short supply, especially in Thailand, and Asia in general. This was in 2011, by January of 2014 everywhere we went appeared to be damaged (although hopefully not here). That was the month when the pollution from China reached epic portions and spread all around the world.

  2. Great pictures showing wonderful color. My husband I saw them while snorkeling by Moorea and Bora bora. Beautiful creatures.

      • I think that’s a wonderful idea. There is a wonderful world under the seas that not everyone can see first hand. I myself love to dive, just to be there to look and to explore.

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