Lunch on Inle Lake

Our boat trip down Inle Lake in Myanmar was a day of constant surprises, including the Burmese meal we had at our lunch spot on the lake.

For starters we had a fried tofu snack that tasted like pork chincharones with a great garlic/chile/onion/soy dipping sauce.
Inle Lake Lunch: Crunchy Starter with Spicy Dip The second course was a cilantro, black pepper and green onion soup, very thin but with a wallop of flavour.
Inle Lake Lunch: Thin but Flavourful Soup Al had the lake fish butterflied and fried.
Inle Lake Lunch: Fish Mine was the lake fish in a sauce that looked good and tasted even better. I have played around with the image of this ‘Lake Fish’ (and others from the same boat trip) on my art blog, Elizabatz Gallery: A Magical Tour of Inle Lake.Inle Lake lunch: Fish from the LakeMore on our 2013 trip to Myanmar.

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