Travel Theme: Transformation of a Muddy Field into Noodle Soup

All the transformations involved in preparing noodle soup for dinner.

A muddy field is transformed…Hoi An: rice paddy preparation into a rice paddy…
Hue: Green Rice Field which when ripe is transformed into bundles…
rice gatherer on our hike in Cat Ba which is transformed in grains of rice…Inle Lake Market: Baskets of Rice which is transformed into rice flour….Rice flour which is transformed into rice noodles…
Making Rice Noodles for Salad Rolls in Hoi An, Vietnamwhich is transformed into noodle soup for dinner.
Shrimp Noodle Soup for our Vietnamese Brunch while Cruising Halong Bay All that work, just for a bowl of noodle soup!

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8 responses to “Travel Theme: Transformation of a Muddy Field into Noodle Soup

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  2. So much work involved in the production of a bowl of noodles. Thanks for sharing, I gained a whole lot of appreciation.

    • I started this post with Ailsa’s Theme of ‘Transformation’ with the idea of transforming a bunch of ingredients into a meal. But when I got going even I was surprised at the amount of work that preceded the cooking…

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