Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Motorcycles in Vietnam

In 2003 the streets of Vietnam were fast-moving ‘rivers’ of motorcycles that threatened to mow me down every time I wanted to go anywhere.

In 2013 the traffic was still insane. Motorcycles wove in and out of pedestrians and visa versa.

There was more military presence in 2003, as seen in this ‘old’ photo…
Military Police on a Motorcycle with a SidecarIn 2003 motorcycles were meant for transporting the entire family plus shopping, live pigs and ducks, and even once, a four by four foot sheet of plate glass. In 2013 the Vietnamese still loaded up their motorbikes to a degree rarely seen elsewhere.
Overloaded Motorcycle with Mannequin in Hanoi Saigon: Overloaded MotorcycleSidewalks weren’t for walking on, they were for parking your motorcycle.
Endless Rows of Parked Motorcycles in HanoiEvery chore could be done on a motorcycle. Patiently waitingMotorbikes were a popular place for afternoon naps, even in cold and rainy Hanoi.Men Sleeping on his Motorcycles in HanoiAnd in steamy HCMC (Saigon) as well, where a endearing family of rats peak out from the drains just below the motorcyclist’s sleeping head.
Man Sleeping on his Motorcycle in HCMC By 2013 mandatory helmet laws had been enacted so you no longer saw an entire family of five piled on a motorbike without any safety equipment. However the helmets we saw were more of a fashion accessory as opposed to safety gear.
Colourful Motorcycle Helmets for Sale in Hanoi In fact, by 2013 motorcycles were starting to get down-right glamorous!
Fancy Motorcycle in HCMCMore on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Motorcycles or Bicycles.

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