WPC: Searching for a Rafflesia, the Largest Flower in the World

Our jungle trek in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia, searching for a giant Rafflesia.

Torrential rains had turned everything into rivers of red mud.  river of mud We all had to get out and walk…. jeep in the jungle Barefoot hiking; the mud sucked the shoes right off your feet! barefoot hikingMarvin and Nick, our intrepid guides. Marvin and Nick, our intrepid guidesAll that slogging through mud had a reward at the end… the largest flower in the world, about four feet across. Supposedly it is a type of fungus or mushroom, and reeks of rotten meat in order to attract flies. the prize, a giant Rafflesia Checking out the damage at the end of the hike. jungle trek jeepWe made it back in one muddy piece! up to the wheel wells in red mud More on the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Reward

11 responses to “WPC: Searching for a Rafflesia, the Largest Flower in the World

    • It’s not always that muddy – we just happened to head out in the middle of a torrential downpour. We stopped for awhile in a cafe and had roti canai and tea, and when the rain stopped we hit the trail.

  1. I’ve been to Borneo, and I hiked to see the rafflesia. I only saw some buds. It was already impressive but I would have loved to see and smell the real flowers 😀 You are lucky !

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