Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange Clothing

On Canada Day, when everyone else on was wearing red, Al was wearing orange.

Al’s favorite colour is orange. Since he’s also six foot three it’s usually pretty hard to lose him in a crowd…
Al's favorite colour is orange Orange is the colour of the local Sikh temple in Vancouver, and one of the few places where I keep losing Al…
Vasaikhi Parade

India is really the place to go if you love wearing orange…

Buddhist orange, better known as saffron, shows up in these two monks strolling down a walkway at Agra Fort. (About those ‘saffron’ robes and how they dye them.)
Buddhist monks in saffron robes strolling down a hallway at Agra FortA Sikh in traditional orange turban in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.tourists at the Taj March 6, 2015 (today!) is the beginning of Holi in India, and although this man wasn’t wearing orange to start out with, he will be by the end of the day!
Holi, the Festival of Colours, in Jaipur, IndiaHere is a Hindu Holyman, also in orange.
holyman in Udaipur More on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange Clothing

    • Actually that’s the Al of AlBatz and he looks good in orange; I am the Batz part of AlBatz, and orange isn’t my best colour! The nice thing is that when I lose track of Al when travelling all I have to do is look for a big orange tourist – he stands out almost everywhere.

      • That’s very convenient! Next time when I travel with someone I will implement some sort of dress code 🙂
        And finally I know what your name means, thanks for the explanation!

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