Another Tropical Fruit from Vietnam: Longan, Dragon Eyes

On our tour of the Mekong River Delta we had a chance to visit an orchard and sample some of the local fruits, one of which was the Longan, a close relative of the Lychee.

A basket full of just-picked longans in orchard by the Mekong.
Just-picked longan in orchard by the MekongWe got to sample a few ripe fruits from the orchard.
Longan-tasting growing in an orchard by the Mekong Once the longans were peeled, I laughed, “Ha ha, it looks like a bowl of eyeballs.”  

Phuoc explained, “That’s why they’re called ‘longan’, dragon eyes; ‘long‘ means dragon and ‘an‘ means eyes.”
Peeled Longan Fruit Come to think of it we did see some googly-eyed dragons at a royal tomb in Hue.
Googly-eyed Dragon at a Royal Tomb in Hue Back at home it’s pretty easy to find longans for sale in Chinatown.
longan for sale in Chinatown

More about the tropical fruits I discovered in Southeast Asia:

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Candied Kumquat from our Cooking Class in Hoi An More about our December 2013 trip to Vietnam.


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