Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat in Halong Bay

Sitting aboard a boat in Halong Bay is like being afloat into an Asian painting, with red-sailed junks and karst rock formations jutting up out of the blue-green waters.

Junk with Red Sails This little boy lives in one of the last floating villages in Vietnam. (More about the Floating Villages of Halong Bay)Halong Bay Fishing Village The view from our hike up into the hills of Cat Ba in 2003. The floating village clustered around the middle rock has since been removed.Karst Formations in Halong Bay in Vietnam Halong Bay Overhang Halong Bay is something that everyone who travels to Vietnam should experience. We were there twice, and both times it was like stepping out of time for a few days.

In my Elizabatz Gallery Art Blog I added some Vietnamese dragons to a couple of images from Descending Dragon (Halong) Bay.

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat in Halong Bay

  1. We had rats on our boat, and they made for a good story when they ran across our feet while lying in bed! They did no harm at all. I kept asking my wife, “So, how long is this bay?” (drum roll)

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