Early Birds Up For the Angkor Wat Sunrise

I’m really not good at getting up early but I figured it would be worth it to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. After all, just how many people would be up and about at five-thirty in the morning?

And the answer is: several tour buses full of eager photographers…
SEAAngkorSunriseCrowdPB160280w PB160271_3768Cbalw This is the sunrise imprinted on a few hundred cameras that morning…Angkor Wat at sunrise Angkor Wat at sunrise More of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird.

13 responses to “Early Birds Up For the Angkor Wat Sunrise

    • Sometimes it seems that I spend a lot of time trying to get shots of places without all the tourists milling around in them, but in this case it was almost impossible so I just had to go with capturing that astonishing turnout at 5:30 in the morning!

  1. I posted the same for this week’s challenge – my friend and I initially didn’t quite enjoy the moment because of the crowd but eventually we were glad we stayed as the photos came out well 😉

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