Youngsters in Cambodia

Boys just want to have fun…

In Siem Reap, Cambodia, some mischievous boys goofing around for the camera…
In Siem Reap: Some Mischievous Boys In Siem Reap: Some Mischievous Boys In Siem Reap: Some Mischievous Boys In 2007 Cambodia was still reeling from the effects of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. The war crime trials had just began; up to this point the people being charged had lived peaceful lives for almost thirty years, not paying for the enormous damage they had inflicted on their country.

The process had opened many wounds, and there was so much anger from the adults in the country, some of whom told me horrendous stories. It was a country poisoned by its past.

But while many of the adults were in pain, the children under 12 were like children everywhere, and gave me hope for this country. These children  would be young adults now, and I hope their positive bright outlook continues to effect the country…

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8 responses to “Youngsters in Cambodia

  1. Such beautiful pictures of children playing! It’s nice to see that some things precious in our lives are preserved. Thank you for posting!

    • I was constantly amazed at the difference between the adults in Cambodia, most of whom had seen their families destroyed, and carefree attitude of the children who would have been born twenty years after the Khmer Rouge tore the country apart.

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  3. Hey there!
    I love those awesome pictures!
    I love looking at your photographs, especially those from Cambodia, because I will be in Cambodia to work in a Childrens village for a year starting in July. I would really appreciate if you would have a look at my blog as well!

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