Weekly Photo Challenge: Green Doors in India

India has so many incredible doors that I have had to categorize them by colour!

Here is a variety of green doors from cities and villages of Rajasthan in northern India.




A Doorway in JaisalmerVillage near Jaisalmer with decorative goat.Green door in a village in IndiaUdaipur. Aqua green door in Udaipur, IndiaJodhpur. Pale green door in Jodhpur, IndiaJodhpur.Green door in Jodhpur, IndiaJodhpur. Bright green door in Jodhpur, IndiaBundi. Green door in Bundi, IndiaVillage, also with decorative goat. Green door in a village in India, with a goat More doors from the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Door.


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    • Roughly speaking ‘green’ represents Moslems, ‘white’ Jains, and ‘blue’ Hindus, the prominent religions in the province of Rajasthan where these photos were taken. Sometimes an entire town will follow through on a colour scheme but I suspect that a lot of time people use green just because they like it!

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