The Village of Giverny in France

The village of Giverny is best known for containing Monet’s famous garden that inspired so many of his later paintings.

Even though we zoomed to Giverny we didn’t arrive until 10:45 by which time ‘tout le monde’ had arrived and there was a huge line-up to get into the garden.Map of the Village of Giverny Showing Monet's Garden However, the entire village of Giverny was like a garden, with roses spilling over arches leading to the parking lots, charming cafés serving floral delights, and painters painting… 15FrGivernyGardenRosesParkinglot4302wIt was pleasant in the sun and Al went off to explore the village while I waited in line and wrote in my journal. Diary Sketch of Rose Arbour in GivernyLater I went and took photos of the village including this ivy-clad house. An Ivy-Clad Building in Giverny, France A gleeful pig adds a whimsical touch to a Giverny roof… A flying pig whimsically decorates a roof in Giverny, France Flowers everywhere. A garden in Giverny, France I’m not sure what this tree is called but I want one. (Later: it’s a Black Lace Elderberry and is not only beautiful but has flavourful berries that are coming back into fashion!)GivernyGarden42A garden in Giverny, France99w An art exhibit within the village.Giverny Art Poster


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