The Day They Destroyed Rotterdam

On Sunday a massive front swept through Rotterdam and instead of being sunny and warm as forecast, it was dark, gloomy and very, very wet.

Our plan had been to rent bikes and ride around some of the greenways of the city. Instead we found ourselves asking our airbnb hosts about a World War II exhibit they had mentioned, one that told the story of the destruction of Rotterdam from both the German and Dutch point of views.
Rotterdam's Dock area on a rainy day It seemed appropriate that it was dark and gloomy as we entered the exhibition De Aanval (The Attack).
Rotterdam War Exhibit Booklet Through a range of multimedia screens and photos, the exhibit tells the story of the events leading up to the devastating aerial attack where the entire Rotterdam city centre was destroyed. The Germans then threatened to do the same thing to Utrecht resulting in the capitulation of the Netherlands.

Rotterdam bombardment May 1940

After the Rotterdam bombardment, May 1940. Source: Wikipedia PD

The exhibit was primarily multi-media, and too dark to get any decent photos except of the former Luftwaffe plane flying low over the exhibit.
World War 2 Exhibit, a Plane with a Swastika on Its Tail in The 'Aqualiner' public transport in Rotterdam, HollandA German Plane at the World War II Exhibit in Rotterdam, Holland Layout of the exhibit. It is on until October 25, 2015 and costs €10.Rotterdam War Exhibit Floorplan To get there we took the ‘Aqualiner’ over to the Heijplaat stop.
The 'Aqualiner' public transport in Rotterdam, HollandBecause it was public transit the fare was only €2,50.Rotterdam Aqualiner Tickets More details at: Museum Rotterdam: De Aanval.

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