It’s Windy in Holland

It started spitting rain as soon as we arrived in Amsterdam and my first thought was to get out my umbrella that I had cleverly slipped into my pack as soon as I got off the plane.

But even though the weather was getting worse, no one else bothered with an umbrella and I found out why when I opened up mine and it immediately blew inside out.

I should have known that Holland is windy by the fact that the windmill is one of the country’s prime symbols.

A windmill on a plate done in the traditional blue and white colours of Delftware.
A Delft Blue Windmill Plate A painting of a windmill by one of Holland’s best-known artists: Vincent van Gogh.Van Gogh's Painting of a Windmill in Holland Brouwerij ‘t Ij, a Amsterdam brewpub in a windmill (highly recommended by the way!)
Brouwerij't Ij, a brewpub in a windmill A Mecanno windmill made for the Dutch Pavilion at a World Expo.
A Mecanno windmill made for an Expo exhibition about Holland. Major buildings sometimes sport weather vanes in addition to clocks. This is the New York Hotel in Rotterdam.Rotterdam's Water Taxi sign in front of the New York Hotel (Holland)This the Central Train Station in Amsterdam, also with a weathervane. 
The tower of the Central Station in Amsterdam, Holland has a wind vane Windmills make great knickknacks – how about this windmill grater for sale in the Amsterdam airport?
15HollWindmillgrater7042w Or this cheese plate (and while you’re at it buy some aged gouda as well…)
Cheese Board with Dutch Windmill Tile

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