Pilek Restaurant, an Unique Dining Experience in Amsterdam

Pilek Restaurant, made out of used shipping containers, is a unique dining experience in the NDSM industrial area of Amsterdam.

Pilek Restaurant, made out of used shipping containers, in NDSM of AmsterdamAn exhibit in Rotterdam’s Architectural Institute predicted that in the future we will all be living in used shipping containers.

We’d already stepped into the future when we visited Pilek Restaurant. I knew I was someplace else right after my new camera decided it didn’t like the way I was taking pictures and took control!

This was my camera’s version of the entry into Pilek…
My camera takes over when I try to take photos of Pilek RestaurantMy camera also decided to do a square crop with this rainbow filter!My camera takes over when I try to take photos of Pilek Restaurant I did eventually manage to get back control of my camera, although after I looked at the photos I thought that maybe my camera had a point. So I did some extra processing to the pink shot my camera took of the lads on their phones.
Al & Mikey at the Pilek Restaurant in the NDSM of Amsterdam Welcome to the future!

Within Pilek, the containers are all around the edges with a lively restaurant in a large central open area.

Although the beer selection was limited they did offer Leffe Blondes and Hoegaardens, good enough for even our picky beer habits.
Having a Leffe Beer at the Pilek Restaurant in the NDSM of Amsterdam Having a Hoegaarden Beer at the Pilek Restaurant in the NDSM of Amsterdam Al and I both had a strange little salad made of artichokes, almonds, fennel, mixed herbs and romesco sauce. The dressing was very vinagery but after a heavy toss with the romesco it turned out to be an experiment I might want to try again. (Note that the lighting was that awful sulphuric yellow that makes food look really unappetizing, at least in photos.)
Artichoke, almond and fennel salad  at the Pilek Restaurant in the NDSM of AmsterdamThe waitress told us that on the weekends, when the weather is better, they move the restaurant outside to the artificial beach. Sand, lawn chairs, a bonfire, live music and a great view of downtown Amsterdam across the water would make this a fun place to spend an evening in the summer!
View of Amsterdam at night from the 'beach' in front of Pilek Restaurant Bye to Pilek but we’ll be back!Pilek Restaurant in the NDSM of Amsterdam is made up of used shipping containersTo get to Pilek Restaurant take the free ferry behind the Amsterdam Central Station to NDSM. There are several other restaurants/pubs in this area including the highly recommended Loetje aan ‘t Ij (if you like extremely special steaks, see Cherrie’s comment below) and the Ij-kantine if you’re into semi-disco pubs. The ferry stops around midnight so make sure you’re back close to wherever you need to be before then or you’ll be in for an expensive taxi ride.
 Around Amsterdam Marina & NDSM More on our trip to Holland in 2015.


8 responses to “Pilek Restaurant, an Unique Dining Experience in Amsterdam

  1. Cool, you’re in my hometown! 🙂 You should try Loetje next time (they have several restaurants in the city). They don’t just do ordinary steaks, their signature steak, beef tenderloin swimming in brown butter sauce, is so decadently good, but definitely not for anybody watching their calorie intake.

    • We went by this Loetje but didn’t stop in for some reason – just took some photos of the amazing view/sunset and carried on to Pilek. Both restaurants were highly recommended by our airbnb hosts…

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