Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

A collection of worlds beneath your feet from everywhere…

Muddy boots in the Picos de Europa of Spain.
Muddy boots in the Picos de EuropaMud accumulated on my hiking boots and made them so heavy that it became difficult to lift up my feet and carry on hiking! (BC’s North, Canada)
Muddy bootsAl and I ended up barefoot hiking in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia; the mud was so sticky that it sucked the shoes right off our feet.
barefoot hikingBare feet are required in a Burmese Buddhist temple in Mandalay. (Why choosing shoes that are easy to get off is important for Buddhist temples.)
Bare feet are required in a Mandalay Buddhist temple. Museum visitors at STAM were required to wear booties to protect the world they walked on. The ‘precious’ floor we were walking on showed a satellite view/map of Ghent. (STAM, Ghent City Museum.)
Floor showing a satellite view/map of Ghent at STAM, the city's museum. Other people’s feet going up the glass stairs in a renovated historic university; I’m also standing on the glass stairway below them. (Rosario, Argentina)
Spiral glass staircase in Rosario, Argentina More of Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet.


4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

    • It was fun to search for photos suitable for the theme ‘Beneath your Feet’. During my search I kept remembering places where similar things happened. For instance, we also had to wear booties to go into the Taj Mahal, but I couldn’t find any photos of them – next trip I will have to remember to take more feet shots, which is what this challenge is all about anyway!

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