Café Papeneiland: a Historic Pub (Brown Café) in Amsterdam

Café Papeneiland is one of Amsterdam’s famous ‘Brown Cafés, a historic pub dating back to 1642 and the Golden Age of Holland.

The sign for Café Papeneiland in Amsterdam, HollandWhenever I’m in someplace historic like this, I always try to imagine what it would have been like back in 1642, the time of Rembrandt. My fellow imbibers could have been dressed like these characters in his painting ‘Nightwatch’, which was painted the same year as the pub opened.
The Nightwatch by Rembrandt detdetail I’m not sure if these ceramic beer taps are original, but I haven’t seen anything like them anywhere else.
The Beer Taps at Café Papeneiland, a Brown Café (Historic Pub) in Amsterdam A typical ‘Dutch’ wall, with dark brown wood, Delft blue ceramics and old prints of Amsterdam. I love the little row of ceramic Dutch houses on the railing behind the stove.
Café Papeneiland, a Brown Café (Historic Pub) in AmsterdamA classic Dutch chandelier.Cafe Papeneiland Chandelier The beer selection was quite good. I had a Leffe, one of my favourite Belgian beers, while Al tried a Brouwerij ‘t Ij Blond, a beer brewed locally at a Windmill Brewpub that several people told us was a must-see. (Al had a cold but noted that, although he couldn’t smell the bouquet, it tasted ‘nice’ – high praise indeed when one considers the Al-who-doesn’t-like-anything as the source.)
Having a Leffe Beer in Amsterdam's Café PapeneilandMy meatball sandwich was surprisingly delicious. On the other hand, Al’s tosti (pronounced ‘toasty’) was toasted white bread with plastic cheese and he had to keep stealing my pickles to make it palatable.

A Meatball Sandwich at at Café Papeneiland, a Brown Café (Historic Pub) in Amsterdam Address: Prinsengracht 2 (at the top of the map)
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