Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy Food Options

Some creepy food options from around the world.

These eels writhing in a pail at a temple in Bangkok looked particularly unappetizing. One of the creepiest movie scenes I ever saw was in The Tin Drum where Northern Europeans went fishing for eels by dragging a horse’s head in the water – when they pulled out the gory head an eel crawled out of the eye socket. I haven’t been able to eat an eel since!
Eels in a pail for saleSnake oil! Or rather snake wine – I think you’re just supposed to drink the wine but munching on wine-marinated snakes is a possible option. (Vietnam)
Snake wine; don't tell me you're supposed to drink it! The Laos diet is so protein poor that they will often eat rats for dinner…
The Laos diet is so protein poor that they will often eat rats for dinner... Neighbouring Cambodia also has a protein poor diet that makes these gruesome spider snacks a tasty option at a meal stop on a Cambodian bus ride.
gruesome spider snacks (Cambodia)I might have to get used to the idea of eating creepy snacks. Rotterdam’s Het Nieuwe Instituut examines life in the future, where these wormy snacks would provide a cheap protein option. (Holland)
Rotterdam's Architecture Museum, Het Nieuwe Instituut, examines life in the future in a thought-provoking exhibit Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy Food Options

  1. I’d like to think I have an adventuresome palette, but you got me with most of these… I have tried snake wine in China….I “enjoyed” your choices. 🙂

    • I had a taste of the snake wine as well (not bad!) but balked at chowing down on the snakes. I’d like to say that I really wanted to try the spiders but they were just too pricey. Basically everything here is creepy to start with and then when you add the thought of having it for dinner, well… Glad someone ‘enjoyed’ them!

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