WPC: A Very Good Day and Then Another

I love travelling to northern countries in May and June.

You can have a very good day, and then at four or five in the afternoon go off and have another very good day!

So on May 30 we explored the flea market and Architectural Institute of Rotterdam, stopped at a historical brewpub for lunch, and then at 4:30 headed off on a ‘day trip’ to Delft.

Our only plan was to drop in at a favourite pub we had discovered on a previous trip to Delft. Since we’d already seen all of Delft’s ‘sights’ we just wandered around the town smelling the roses so to speak.
Smelling the roses in DelftWe didn’t get too far before this little Café beckoned.
Delft's Cafe LEF Had Comfy Lawnchairs After much meandering around the town, we finally arrived at our favourite pub, ‘t Klooster. The crowd was different but just as friendly as we remembered and we got to spend some time chatting to Helmer, the waiter whom we had met on our previous trip. (All about ‘t Klooster and why it’s our favourite pub in Delft!)
Friendly Crowd at 't Klooster Pub in DelftThe dessert of a chocolate brownie and strawberries alone made it a good day.
in Delft at 't Klooster: a brownie with strawberriesthe menu at 't Klooster showing the beer pairing to go with the chocolate brownie I ‘heart’ Delft!
A Delft Blue Glass Heart in Delft, Holland The best part? Tomorrow we can do it all over again somewhere else!

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5 responses to “WPC: A Very Good Day and Then Another

  1. Just when I was craving a brownie I see a picture of it here ! 😥

    That was such a wonderful interpretation of the challenge, Loved your good day within a good day 😉

    Have a lovely week ahead 🙂

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