Café Chris, a Brown Café (Historic Pub) in Amsterdam

Café Chris is one of Amsterdam’s historic ‘Brown Cafés’.

This pub has a quirky ambiance, from quotes written on the low beams of the ceiling…
Café Chris, a 'Brown Café' which is what they call historic pubs in Amsterdam, Holland…to the bar with favourite mugs patiently waiting for their owners to arrive.
Café Chris, a 'Brown Café' which is what they call historic pubs in Amsterdam, HollandWhen I tried to order a couple of Wit beers, I forgot what country I was in and ordered, “Dos, por favor”. Realizing my mistake I asked the bartender, “How do you say ‘two please‘ in Dutch?” and she answered, “Dos, por favor.”
The Menu in Café Chris, a Historic Pub or Brown Café as they are known in Amsterdam We were both just loud enough for everyone in this cozy pub to overhear us and break into laughter. When she delivered our beers she told me how to say it in Dutch, which sounded like ‘Twee danke’ but probably wasn’t. My attempts at Dutch pronunciation got more laughs and soon we were chatting with everyone around us.
Brand Beer in Café Chris, a historic pub in Amsterdam Brand Weizen Beer, which has been around since 1340(?), as served in Café Chris, which has been around since 1624. I’m afraid there aren’t any tasting notes; we were way too busy chatting.
Brand Beer, been around since 1320, in Café Chris, been around since 1624 All that history is particularly apparently if you just happen to be seated near the exterior toilet flush from the Café’s historic loo.
The toilet pull from Cafe Chris's historic loo Apparently this pub was located between Rembrandt’s house and his studio, and it is thought that he probably stopped in for a pint or two in his time! This Rembrandt etching shows what the Dutch dressed like in the early 1600s; quite different from the current set of fellow imbibers!
A Rembrandt Etching More on Holland (The Netherlands).


6 responses to “Café Chris, a Brown Café (Historic Pub) in Amsterdam

  1. Don’t you just love pubs like this? I think places with history like this are missing from the US and are certainly one of the highlights for me when I travel. It adds charm to a place and encourages one to stay longer and drink more. 🙂

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