De Zotte, a Belgian Beer Pub in Amsterdam

It seemed somehow wrong that the first drinking establishment we went to in Amsterdam was De Zotte, best known for its huge selection of Belgian beers.

We arrived with our friend Mikey in tow, a fellow beer-drinker from England. Having a third ‘taster’ enabled us to try out three different Belgian (not Dutch, alas) beers at a time, oh boy!
Exterior of the pub De Zotte in Amsterdam, HollandIt was already getting dark by the time we arrived, and inside was even darker so my photos are not the best.
Inside the pub De Zotte in Amsterdam, HollandI experimented trying to take photos by candlelight…Candlelight at the pub De Zotte in Amsterdam, Holland The shots of the beers didn’t turn out too horribly, but we all ordered various forms of steak for dinner. They were tasty, but sure didn’t look like it under the yellowy light. At any rate, De Zotte had a good selection of tasty food, and of course, an even better selection of Belgian beers!
A Tripel Karmeliet at the pub De Zotte in Amsterdam, HollandA candlelit shot of my Corsendonk Rousse, a red fruit beer.
Having a Corsendonk Rousse at the pub De Zotte in Amsterdam, Holland

The beers we tried…
  • Mikey, Cuvée de Trolls: thin, quick-drinking
  • Me, La Chouffe: an old familiar favourite of mine
  • Al, a house beer made by Brugse Zot: a blond with a sour finish
  • Mikey, Belgian Coast IPA, a collaboration between Green Flash & St. Feuillien: an experience that only gets better 
  • Al, Tripel Karmeliet: one of the best tripels
  • Me, Corsendonk Rousse: the flavour favours raspberry, a tad too sweet

Our notes were actually more extensive and Mikey occasionally went into raptures over his beer; it’s all legible too!

De Zotte Pub in Amsterdam: Beer Notes More on Holland (The Netherlands).

3 responses to “De Zotte, a Belgian Beer Pub in Amsterdam

  1. I wondered if you made it to this pub! Don & I went there several times over 2 trips. We loved the local feel and the food was great!

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