Café Hoppe, a Brown Café (Historic Pub) in Amsterdam

Café Hoppe, has sand on the floor, a tradition that adds a certain authenticity to this pub experience, one that dates back to the 1670s.

Café Hoppe, a 'brown cafe' (historic pub) in Amsterdam We mostly visited Brown Cafés for their character (and they have a lot of it!)Café Hoppe, a 'brown cafe' (historic pub) in AmsterdamIn this case, the beer selection wasn’t bad either. I had a Belgian Mort Subite Kreik, one of my favourite low alcohol beers, and perfect for an afternoon break in the sightseeing routine. Tasting notes: Although I usually find Lambics a tad vinegary, this one manages to pull off an intense sour cherry flavour that is refreshing. I vaguely remember another Kreik that I liked better, but so far on this trip I haven’t had it, and so this one rates number one (for now)!
Having a Mort Subite Kreik in Café Hoppe, a 'brown cafe' (historic pub) in Amsterdam Al, in his efforts to try out all different kinds of beer went for the brewed-in-Amsterdam Brouwerij ‘tIj IPA, but unfortunately wasn’t crazy about it. It appears that both the Dutch and the Belgians have a bit of work to do to get their American-style IPAs tasting like they do at home. Al’s tasting notes: bitter and sour, not smooth! Cafe Hoppe More on Holland (The Netherlands).


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