A Special Spanish Salad for Me!

October 3, 8:00 pm

Only two days into the trip and I was already tired of the heavy meat and bread diet that we had been encountering in Spain.

I may have been moaning a bit as Mikey came up with this marvellous idea of putting together a salad of some of the specialties of Santiago de Compostela, put together in a way that you don’t usually see in Spain.

At the greengrocer these brown tomatoes caught my eye. Mikey also picked up some lettuce, and some skinny green peppers which he noted were usually roasted and served on tapas.
Brown Tomatoes in a Santiago de Compostela marketAt home he had some more specialties of the region: a ‘small breast’ of the local creamy cheese and serrano ham…
some 'small breasts' of cheese in Galicia Then, while I was down for my afternoon siesta, I awoke to the aroma of roasting green peppers and found this in the kitchen – a special Santiago de Compostela salad just for me!
Special Santiago de Compostela Salad More on our October 2014 trip to Northern Spain.

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