The Irish Weather is Constantly Changing

When the Irish talk about the weather the only choice is ‘a bad day’ and ‘a not bad day’.

As in “on a not bad day you can see all the way to the lake from the pass.” After a week in Ireland I think I would characterize the weather as changeable, extremely changeable.

Here are three photos taken one after the other…

The sun shining on the sea beyond Dunluce Castle…
Dunluce Castle on the north Irish coast at sunsetWe scramble in the car just in time to miss a sudden shower…
sudden shower on the north coast of Ireland …and then a rainbow appears out the car window.
rainbow on the road I’ve had a few updates on Irish weather as we travel south along the Atlantic Coast. The bartender at the Rusty Mackerel near Slieve League in County Sligo told me his favourite weather expression was “it could be worse. Of course that really means that it could be better, but that’s not bloody likely…”


7 responses to “The Irish Weather is Constantly Changing

  1. Many years back I was travelling in Ireland and was stuck in a cafe in Sligo because of heavy showers. It rained for quite some time. I asked the waiter when the rain would stop. His reply was, “this is Ireland, we never know when the rain will stop”;-)

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