Travel Theme: Tropical Fruit Tasting in a Mekong Delta Orchard

On our tour of the Mekong Delta we spent some time going through an orchard full of amazing fruits. At the end of our wander they brought out jackfruit, longan, rambutan and papaya for us to taste.

fruit tasting in Mekong Delta, VietnamJackfruit: sweet and fruity Jackfruit is similar to Durian, but without the added extra stench that has Durians banned in many places. (More on Jackfruit and Durians)
Jackfruit tree in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam tasting Jackfruit in the Mekong Delta Papaya: While neither Al or I are crazy about papaya, in Vietnam they often use green papaya in salads, and then it’s like a new exciting vegetable! (Recipe for Green Papaya Salad)
for Vietnamese Tet, the papaya, known as 'Du' symbolizes 'Medium' Rambutan: Although it looks really strange on the outside, on the inside is a white fleshy sweet-sour fruit, similar to lychee or grapes.
<strong>Rambutan</strong>: a type of Asian fruit similar to lychee. Longan: another sweet and juicy fruit, similar in taste to lychee.
Just-picked longan in orchard by the MekongBamboo ladder for picking fruit in a Mekong River Delta orchard.
Bamboo Ladder in a Mekong Delta OrchardMore of Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Fruit


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