Looking Over the End of the Earth

October 5th, late afternoon

A few more stops along the Galician seaside and then we were at ‘Finisterre’, Latin for ‘Earth’s End’.

Beyond which ‘there be monsters’. Rather cute monsters too, a group of about eight dolphins went frolicking by.Dolphins swimming by at Fisterra Also known by its Spanish name ‘Fisterra’, this point also marks kilometer 0,00 of El Camino de Santiago.
 Sign with Map of Fisterra Showing Beaches and Scenic Viewpoints I really wanted to get a photo of the route marker for my Spanish course, but when we arrived they were filming a National Geographic special and really hogged the milepost.
14SpElCaminoNatGeo8917w We carried on to the lighthouse.14SpFisterraLighthouse8907wInside the lighthouse were chairs made of a whalebone.
A chair made of a whalebone in Fisterra, SpainA chair made of a whalebone in Fisterra, SpainThere were also stalls selling scallop shells, the symbol of ‘El Camino de Santiago’. 
Scallop Shells, the Sign for El Camino Many people hung the shells from their backpacks for the pilgrimage.
Finisterre, a Pilgrim at Km 0 of El Camino de SantiagoI guessed that the people on ‘El Camino de Santiago’ deserved priority at the route marker but there was such an endless stream of them. I was surprised at how many people actually went on this somewhat gruelling pilgrimage. I finally gave up trying to get it in context of the site and took my shot of the post marker by zooming in close!
El Camino Kilometer 0 More on our October 2014 trip to Northern Spain.


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