You know it rains a lot in Galicia, don’t you?

October 6, 2014.

We were told several times that Galicia is beautiful.
It rains.

So far we had been blessed with unseasonably great weather (83°!)

But this was the day Mikey was flying home and we were heading off to the north coast. And it was raining.

So it was out with the umbrellas for the first time on the trip as we headed out for our last breakfast with Mikey.

A typical Spanish breakfast of café con leche, fresh-squeezed orange juice and chocolate croissants. Mmmm…
Breakfast in Santiago de Compostela Then it was off to the Costa Verde of Spain in the pouring rain. Costa Verde translates as Green Coast, and it certainly is green, thanks to all that rain.

By the time we reached Montoñedo there was rainbow at the edge of town, and it seemed like the rain might be over for the day.
The rainbow at the edge of town. It was still raining when we got out of the car, but by then the sun was peeping through and the rain held off enough for us to go on a stroll around the town and stop for breakfast number 2.
Is that the sun I see through the pouring rain? More on our October 2014 trip to Spain.

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