Weekly Photo Challenge: Irish Treats

Everything I travel to a new country, I end up redefining the word ‘treats’, based on the treats I would love to bring home with me.

Here are some souvenirs of Ireland…

Irish Soda Bread. Hubby finds it tasty but “too dry”. I say, “That’s why they invented Irish butter.” (PS. The seafood chowder is pretty good too.) 15IrCoastalCausewaySeafoodChowder6196w Irish Coffee. Particularly after a long blustery walk.An Irish Coffee in the Ardgroom Village Inn Pub Long blustery walks. There are walking trails everywhere (and farmers that allow people to wander through their properties as long as they remember to close the gate.)
A Looped Walks Sign on the Smallest Aran Island Irish music. The best place to find Irish music is in Doolin, a two-pub village on the west coast. Both have traditional music ‘sessions’ played with passion by local musicians. It’s enough to make you want to dance a jig!
A Traditional Music Session in a Doolin Pub

8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Irish Treats

  1. Oh it’s about lunch time now in Malaysia..I could do some sourdough bread and butter or seafood chowder. Hmm, yummy! Now I got to look for an Irish pub in the city! 🙂

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