One Word Photo Challenge: Appliance

Appliance: A labour-saving device connected to a source of energy such as gas or electricity.

Based on this, these stoves found in a a few historic kitchens in Europe probably count as appliances.

Monet’s house in Giverny, France. This huge kitchen stove was set off with checkered blue tiles with lots of brass accents.
The kitchen in Monet's home in GivernyNear Utrecht, Kasteel de Haar had a stove that was as big as most people’s kitchens.
Kitchen in Kasteel de Haar near Utrecht, Holland Sonneveld House in Rotterdam was built in 1933, a prime example of Dutch modernism in architecture. The kitchen stove is this sweet little thing where the cook prepared all the Sonneveld family’s meals.Sonneveld Kitchen in Rotterdam Some synonyms for appliance: gadget, contraption, contrivance, gimmick, gizmo.

So now I’m off to see if I can find some more gizmos hanging around the house…

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