Newspaper Rock, an Earlier Form of Alphabet

Fascinating petroglyphs dot the entire region around Moab in Utah.

These petroglyphs, called ‘Newspaper Rock’, are just off the highway when driving from Moab down to the south entrance into Canyonlands National Park. (Map at the bottom of this post.)
petroglyphs at Newspaper Rockpetroglyphs at Newspaper Rock  'Newspaper Rock' petroglyphs Some close-ups of this extraordinary ‘alphabet’. (Note: My camera photographed everything with a golden cast, while Al’s camera showed the rocks as an adobe pink tone, accounting for the difference in colour between these photos.)
Close-ups of 'Newspaper Rock' petroglyphs Oh, what stories they tell…Close-ups of 'Newspaper Rock' petroglyphs How to get to the ‘Newspaper Rock’ petroglyphs.
How to get to the 'Newspaper Rock' petroglyphs More of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

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