La Conner’s Tulip Fields

If you’re interested in viewing masses of tulips the Tulip Festival in La Conner, Washington is a great place to go.

Some fields charge admission – typically $5 or $6 for parking, but some don’t.


Our first stop was a ‘free’ field with a tulip guard. 
A Guard Keep Watch in one of La Conner's Tulip FieldsThe free fields tend to have mostly red, yellow and purple tulips, with less variety of tulips than the ones that charge admission.
La Conner's Tulip FieldsA photographer in a red tulip field.
A Photographer in one of La Conner's tulip fieldsMy turn!
Red tulips in La Conner's Tulip Town fields Tulips in the garden at Roozengaarde in La Conner


If you’re going willing to pay admission, Roozengaarde is one of the best to go for. In one area, the tulips are laid out in a park-like setting with different plantings.
Tulips in the garden at Roozengaarde in La Conner A red, white and blue display of bulbs.
Tulips in the garden at Roozengaarde in La ConnerOne section has all the different tulips labelled so you can see what they look like, and take pictures of the ones you want.

Tulips in the garden at Roozengaarde in La ConnerClose up of one the ‘parrot’ tulips (my faves).
Tulips in the garden at Roozengaarde in La ConnerWe visited this place in 2015, a year that spring came six weeks early, and as they noted on the ‘Tulip’ message board in the middle of March: ‘Hello warm weather! The Daffodils started blooming early, and we are expecting the tulips to be at their peak during the Daffodil Festival and into the first two weeks of April!’  So even if the bulk of the tulips have finished blooming, Roozengarde also maintains some fields in bloom next to their garden. In 2016 April looks like a great time to visit.

Tulip Town.

While I was in the ‘free’ field I overheard a woman saying that Tulip Town had the best display. The parking was free but there was a $6 admission to get into the display area. The feel is more carnival like than Roozengaarde and probably more fun for children.
La Conner Tulip Town Dutch MuraTulip Town labels the tulips in the fields with small sticks at the beginning of the rows. 
Tulip fields at La Conner's Tulip TownWhite tulips catching a few rays…
White tulips in the La Conner fieldsRed tulips reflected in a pool.
Reflection of red tulips in La Conner's Tulip TownBeautiful red tulips with yellow edging.
Red and yellow tulips in La Conner's Tulip TownPale pink tulips with pale yellow edging.
Tulips in Pale Sunset ColoursThe inner heart of a tulip.
The heart of a tulip at La Conner's Tulip TownBulbs for sale.
Bulbs for sale from TulipTown in La Conner The Tulip Town order form where I made notes of which ones I wanted. I didn’t actually buy any as I wasn’t sure if I could take them back across the border into Canada but at least I now know which ones I want.Tulip Ordering Sheet from Roozengaarde in La Conner There is an online map showing which tulips (and daffodils) were in bloom and where. However, it was put out by Roozengaarde and Tulip Town wasn’t on it. I have adjusted the map to show the free fields at the bottom, Roozengaarde and Tulip Town.
La Conner map of tulips in bloom. The online map is great though, for letting you know what to expect, and when:

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