Storm Brewing (and Rats) in Vancouver

Vancouver may be famous for being beautiful BUT it also has the biggest rats in the world.

Believe me when I say that the rats in other countries almost look demure when compared to Vancouver rats. After all it is a port city, and port cities have rats, big ones.

Which leads me up to Storm Brewing, conveniently located near the port entrance, and its celebration of our local rats.

Hi, my name’s Captain Vancouver, how do you like me so far?
The House Rat at Storm Brewing in Vancouver They only sell growlers and growlitas, as opposed to glasses of beer or flights or tasters like most of the brewpubs. So what you get is a ‘Rat Wristband’ that entitles you to six ‘rats’ worth of beer samples.Rat Wristband from Storm BrewingFor the squeamish I have to say that these were the only rats I spied on the premises.
Storm Brewing in VancouverHowever, there was lots of down and dirty atmosphere…
Storm Brewing in Vancouver…with equipment that has seen better days…
Storm Brewing in Vancouver… and some seriously strange brews that actually tasted surprisingly great. Al particularly liked the Basil IPA and I was fond of the Tropical Mint Pilsner and the Vanilla Whiskey Stout. (Below, a bartender dances while she waits for a growler to fill.)
A bartender dances while she waits for a growler to fill at Storm Brewing in VancouverHop Circuit 2016 was an Open ‘Brewery’ Event, but their map gives you an idea of the various brewpubs and breweries all within walking or cycling distance. Storm, like most of the breweries, doesn’t have food available but there is usually a food truck that comes around at the hungry times of day.Vancouver brew pubs near Commercial 2016

Storm Brewing

310 Commercial Drive in Vancouver’s East Side.


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