WPC: Drinking and Drawing Faces

For me, one of the great things about travelling in Europe was the discovery of just how much drawing the great European artists of the 20th century actually did.

The drawings were most often done in drinking establishments, usually of the people sitting across from them. Sometimes they drew on the menu, sometimes napkins; occasionally they actually brought some decent drawing paper with them.

In Holland it was the Van Gogh exhibit that was my biggest influencer, especially when I saw this man lifted right out of a Van Gogh sketch.
Me and Vincent's Model in an Amsterdam Pub Noting the looseness of the Van Gogh sketches I tried again, this time of my husband.
Diary: a 'Van Gogh' of Al A friend and I went nuts drinking and drawing in a Bruges pub after seeing the Magritte exhibition in Brussels. (The post about the ‘t Brugs ‘Beer Boutique’ in Bruges.)
12apBelLindasketchB6048w Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

5 responses to “WPC: Drinking and Drawing Faces

    • I love that these artists spent all their time drawing under all sorts of situations. Obviously I’m going to have to drink a bit more to capture some of that wonderful looseness of Van Gogh’s sketches!

    • As to Al’s left ear, he traded it in for a spiffier version that he bought at the Van Gogh Museum gift shop! (I am trying to add a photo to this comment – if it doesn’t work I’ll put the photo in the text of the post.)
      Vincent Van Gogh cuts off his ear and sells it as key ring

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