Cafe Lijn 4, Overlooking a Canal in Utrecht

Carrying on with some of my favourite drinking (and occasionally eating) establishments in Utrecht, Holland.

Café Lijn 4 is a little bit off the beaten tourist track in Utrecht, but well worth a stop.Cafe Lijn 4 pub in Utrecht, Holland Lijn 4 has an excellent selection of beer and overlooks one of the canals.Lijn 4 pub is located on the canal in Utrecht, Holland ‘Leckerboots’ go past the Cafe Lijn 4 on the canal.
'Leckerboots' go past the Lijn 4 pub in Utrecht, HollandThere is food but it’s basically bar snacks Dutch-style.
Lijn 4 pub menu of bar snacks in Utrecht, Holland

Cafe Lijn 4
Twijnstraat 3, Utrecht, Netherlands
A funny, opinionated and extensive beer site that we used all the time when we were in Holland:

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