Are There Bicycles in Holland?

There are 17 million people in Holland and 11 million bikes.

Everyone bicycles everywhere.
Riding a Bike in Amsterdam, HollandThere are stylish bikes in leopard print. Stylish Bikes in Leopard Print People like to personalize their bikes. A Pink Bike in Amsterdam, Holland Custom bicycle accessories to keep your seat dry.bicycle with pink seat covers in Delft, Holland Bicycles on the ferries…
In Holland there are bikes on ferries Bicycles on the trains…
In Holland there are bikes on trains Places where only bikes can go…
Bikes Only Sign Bicycle parking signs…
Bike Parking Sign And tons of bicycle parking.
In Holland there is lots of bike parking Sometimes the parking is two-tiered…
Bike Racks in Amsterdam, Holland Bicycles in Den Haag.
In Den Haag, a Bus Mural with Bikes Bicycles in the dunes of Holland.Bicycle by the Dunes on the Coast of Holland Bicycles in Gouda.through the window looking out on Gouda A bicycle at night in Delft.
Bicycle at Night in Delft, HollandIn 2015 the Tour de France went through Utrecht.
Utrecht's Tour de France Bicycle Race Sculpture Old bicycles make an art statement.
Bicycle Art on a Dutch Brick Wall in Amsterdam, Holland An art bicycle in Amsterdam. (I suspect the bicycle seat squeaks if you attempt to sit on it!)
An art bicycle in Amsterdam A decorated bicycle in Gouda, Holland.
A decorated bicycle in Gouda, Holland More on Holland (The Netherlands).

3 responses to “Are There Bicycles in Holland?

  1. Fun to see your bicycle photos. It is one of my themes and every now and then I post a picture of a bike with a special feature or in an unusual context.

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