CFFC: Finding Unique Events while Travelling

I’m always checking out posters and brochures while travelling as it’s a great way to find those one-of-a-kind events that aren’t in the the regular travel event listings.

I saw this poster for a photo festival at Knokke-Heist in Belgium. (More on Off to a photo exhibition at Knokke-Heist on the Belgian Coast.)
Poster for the Knokke-Heist Photo Exhibit We also saw a fascinating photo festival in Siem Reap in Cambodia. I don’t have the brochure, but as above, the photos were set up in places all over town, and at times the venues were as interesting as the photos. These water-related photos were under pools in a courtyard, held down by stones while fish swam above them.
Photo Exhibit in Siem Reap has the photos underwater, held down by stones, while fish swim above themA Gran Jaripeo Baile in Ajijic, Mexico. By this point Al had a digital camera, and I made him take a photo of the poster so we could zoom in and check out the details. This was an extremely memorable event that all the norteamericanos living in Ajijic knew nothing about.
GRAN JARIPEO BAILE A World Sufi Music Festival poster seen while at Jaipur’s famous Elephant Festival, and one of the most magical events I’ve ever been to.
Sufi Music Poster at the Jaipur Elephant Festival Talking to locals is another way of finding out events. This WW2 exhibit in Rotterdam contrasted the experiences of the Dutch and the Germans, and we only found out about it via our Air B&B hosts.
Rotterdam War Exhibit Floorplan More of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Events

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    • We were there in 2007 and at that time the war criminals were just going to trial, and the country was in a lot of pain. The most positive thing about the country was the 12 to 16 year olds who were having a lot of fun interacting with the tourists, and as they would be about 20ish now, I have hope that the country will be in a better state of mind. Angkor Wat and Siem Reap were the exception to the negative vibes in the country so that is a must see. Laos next door had a totally different vibe and we loved it.

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