Walking in the Welsh Coast

I’m just back from a ‘walking in Wales’ trip and the whole reason we went was because of an earlier encounter on a walk in Wales in 2001!

On that first trip we had been driving through Wales, frustrated because the high hedgerows totally obscured views of the coast. When I saw a sign for a footpath we pulled over and so began an adventure.
Welsh Coastal Trail 'footpath' sign Down the hill and far away – walking the Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales, past villages, beaches, megaliths, lots and lots of sheep and hardly any people.
down the hill and far away Except for this couple. On our few days of walking we kept running into them and had a bit of a natter. “We love these walks, there’s nothing like them at home,” I enthused. 
Welsh couple who gave us their walking book.“Will you come back?” the wife asked.

“Of course,” I exclaimed.

“Then have this,” and she handed me their book of walks along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales.
Walking Book for the Pembrokeshire Path in WalesIt was all dog-eared and worn, I couldn’t possibly take it. She dismissed my protests with a “we already know them by heart anyway.”
Book of walks along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales An acorn on the footpath marker indicates that this is part of the Pembrokeshire Coast Trail; I like the little warning not to take a header off the crumbling cliffs.
sign on the Pembrokeshire Coast path This is the kind of crumbling cliff they warn you about. There is a footpath there somewhere.cliff along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path in Wales This year we finally went back and took their little book with us…

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