Pubs with Cats in Utrecht, Holland

Utrecht had the widest choice of bars with cats making it my favourite drinking place in Europe so far!

Stadkasteel Brewery in Utrecht, a brewery in a castle with a friendly bar cat.

The bar cat and the brew (this is a brewery after all). We both tried their wheat beer with orange peel but found it ordinary, unlike the kitty which charmed us both.
Having a beer with the bar cat at the Stadkasteel Brewery in Utrecht, Holland

Broers Bar in Utrecht, a family mansion kind of place and another cat.

The officious bar cat acts as manager of the place, greeting all customers as they come and go.
Bar cat at the Broers Bar in Utrecht, Holland

‘t Heen en Weer, a Popular Pub with a Cat and Great Beer.

I have decided to include it in my Utrecht pub crawl primarily because of its bar cat, a piece of fluff that likes to be picked up and cuddled.
The bar cat at the Heen and Meer Pub in Utrecht, Holland

Our Favourite Pub in Utrecht, the Kafé Belgie Pub.

The bar cat…
Bar cat at the Café Belgie Pub in Utrecht, Holland

Ledig Erf, a Pub for Beer Lovers.

Apparently they also have a cat although we never saw it. Given that they had a fantastic selection of beer, if we had known they had a cat we would definitely been back! 

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6 responses to “Pubs with Cats in Utrecht, Holland

  1. The cats remind me of the naughty divas from “Der Kleine Muck” by Wilhelm Hauff.

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