Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

I love Museums of Natural History and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC is Vancouver is one of my favourites.

Here are two opposites: the world’s biggest egg vs. the world’s smallest.
Beatty Museum of Biodiversity: The World's Biggest Egg vs. the World's Smallest

From the Beaty site describing these eggs:

“The tiny egg is that of a hummingbird…

The biggest egg is that of an elephant bird… Elephant birds no longer exist — they went extinct ~300 years ago through over-hunting.”

6 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

  1. Wonderful photo for opposites – and never heard of the elephant bird – but in some classes (when I taught) we used to talk about how the ostrich egg is the largest egg (think that is correct ??) and whole foods sells them sometimes for 20$ – and the students love them!
    Anyhow – the cute little holder for the tiny egg is artsy and what contrast!

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