Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam

When we travel we often pick neighbourhoods of interest to explore.

One such neighbourhood was Katendrecht in Rotterdam.
Rotterdam sights: Kaapse Brewpub plusOur first stop was the Nederlands Fotomuseum. We lucked out as they were in the middle of changing the exhibition and the museum was free that day.
Nederlands Fotomuseum Exterior De Donkere Kamer (The Darkroom) had a unique way of showing off the history of photography.
Nederlands Fotomuseum: entering 'The Darkroom' Set up like a darkroom in the days of yore, a dozen developing trays each contained videos about photography.Nederlands Fotomuseum 'The Darkroom' displayWe watched the processing as it told the history.
Nederlands Fotomuseum 'The Darkroom' displayOf particular interest to me was this tray showing the history of travel photography.Nederlands Fotomuseum 'The Darkroom' displayOn the walls were timelines that told the history of photography.
Nederlands Fotomuseum 'The Darkroom' display Stereoscopy, making all the images 3D.Nederlands Fotomuseum 'The Darkroom' displayThe new display they were putting up was of people portraits by four different photographers, and it was interesting to watch the display process.
Nederlands Fotomuseum: putting up an exhibit More about our trip to Holland in 2015.

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