WPC: Details of the ‘Big Fish’ Sculpture in Belfast

The ‘Big Fish’ is a sculpture across the water from Belfast’s Maritime Trail.

Belfast's 'Big Fish' , across the water from the Maritime Trail It was listed as a point of interest in Belfast but from a distance I wasn’t super-impressed.
The 'Big Fish' mosaic sculpture on Belfast's Maritime TrailIt wasn’t until I got up close and realized that the mosaic tiles were full of details from old newspapers, paintings and documents containing the history of Belfast.
The many mosaic tiles of Belfast's 'Big Fish' containing images and words of the history of the cityWhen I peered deeply into the eye of Belfast’s ‘Big Fish’ I saw that it contained a view of the harbour the way it once was.The eye of Belfast's 'Big Fish' contains an older view of the harbour Somewhere there must be a ‘map’ telling the story behind each of these tiles but I couldn’t find one. 
Blue mosaic tiles surround the eye of the 'Big Fish' in Belfast


9 responses to “WPC: Details of the ‘Big Fish’ Sculpture in Belfast

  1. I passed this one for many years .. really amazing when looking closer on it. All the different tiles .. and pictures. Happy entry for me. Thanks. Miss Belfast.

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